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Jugg Transport, Inc.( “ Jugg Transport, ” “ we, ” “ us, ” or “ our ”) has prepared this sequestration Policy to explain what particular information we collect, how we use and partake that information, and your choices concerning our information practices. Through our website, software-as-a-service platform and related operations, we give eCommerce fulfilment services for our trafficker guests( inclusively, the “ Service ”). This sequestration Policy applies to our website, and, to the extent not supplanted by our client’s sequestration programs, to the Service.

Before using the Service or submitting any particular information to Jugg Transport, please review this sequestration Policy precisely and communicate with us if you have any questions. By using the Service, you agree to the practices described in this sequestration policy. However, please don’t pierce the point or else use the Service, If you don’t agree to this sequestration Policy.

  • Account Information We may collect your name, dispatch address, phone number, mailing/ billing addresses, profile picture and other analogous information when you register an account.
  • Financial Information Our payment processor( s) will collect the financial information necessary to reuse your payments, similar to your payment card number and authentication details. Please note, still, that we store only a tokenized interpretation of similar information and don’t maintain payment card information on our waiters.
  • Communication Information We may collect information when you communicate with us with questions or enterprises and when you freely respond to questionnaires, checks or requests for request exploration seeking your opinion and feedback.
  • Social Media Information We may maintain a social media presence on platforms like Facebook, Medium, Twitter, and LinkedIn( “ Social Media runners ”). When you interact with us on social media, we may admit particular information that you give or make available to us grounded on your settings, similar to your contact details. In addition, the companies that host our Social Media runners may give us aggregate information and analytics regarding the use of our Social Media runners.

particular Information We Reuse on Behalf of Our guests To give the Service, we reuse certain data on behalf of our guests, including but not limited to the name, shipping address, and other affiliated information necessary to fulfil orders on behalf of our guests. similar information can be entered directly from our client or collected through integrations with third-party business platforms(e.g. Facebook business, We reuse that data, including any particular information contained within it, under our agreements with our guests. We reuse similar particular information in agreement with instructions handed by similar guests and don’t determine the purposes and means of the processing taking place. However, please communicate with the Jugg Transport client that you interact with directly If you’re similar to an individual and have questions about the processing of your particular information or want to exercise one of your sequestration rights.

Internet exertion Information When you use the Service, we may automatically log the following information

  • Device Information The manufacturer and model, operating system, cyber surfer type, IP address, and unique identifiers of the device you use to pierce the Service. The information we collect may vary grounded on your device type and settings.
  • operation Information Information about how you use our Service, similar to the types of content that you view or engage with, the features you use, the conduct you take, and the time, frequency, and duration of your conditioning. For illustration, we use Google Analytics, a web analytics service handed by Google LLC( “ Google ”) to help collect and dissect operation Information. For further information on how Google uses this information, click then.
  • position Information We may decide on a rough estimate of your position from your IP address when you visit our website or use the Service.
  • Dispatch Open/ Click Information We may collect information about the date and time you open or click links in emails we shoot.

We may use the following technologies to collect Internet exertion Information

  • eyefuls, which are textbook lines stored on your device to uniquely identify your cyber surfer or to store information or settings in the cyber surfer to help you navigate between runners efficiently, flash back your preferences, enable functionality, help us understand stoner exertion and patterns, and grease online advertising.
  • Original storehouse technologies, like HTML5, give cookie-original functionality but can store larger quantities of data, including on your device outside of your cyber surfer in connection with specific operations.
  • Web lights, also known as pixel markers or clear GIFs, which are used to demonstrate that a webpage or dispatch was penetrated or opened, or that certain content was viewed or clicked.

We use your particular information for the following purposes

Service Delivery, including to

  • give, operate, maintain, and secure the Service
  • produce, maintain, and authenticate your account; and
  • Process deals through our third-party payment processors.

Communicating with You, including to

  • shoot you updates about executive matters similar as changes to our terms or programs; and
  • give stoner support, and respond to your requests, questions and feedback.

Service Improvement, including to

  • Ameliorate the Service and produce new features;
  • epitomize your experience; and
  • produce and decide perceptivity from-identified and accrued information.

Marketing and Advertising, including for

  • To shoot you selling dispatches, including notifying you of special elevations, offers and events via dispatch and other means.

Compliance and Protection, including to

  • Misbehave with applicable laws, legal requests, and legal processes, similar as responding to processes or requests from government authorities;
  • cover our, your or others ’ rights, sequestration, safety or property( including by making and defending legal claims);
  • inspection of our compliance with legal and contractual conditions and internal programs; and
  • help, identify, probe and discourage fraudulent, dangerous, unauthorized, unethical or illegal exertion, including cyberattacks and identity theft.

Our participating We don’t vend, rent, license, or lease your particular information to third parties. still, we may partake particular information with

  • Service Providers, including hosting services, dispatch services, advertising and marketing services, payment processors, client support services, and analytics services. We take commercially reasonable ways to insure our service providers cleave the security norms we apply to your particular information.
  • Your Employer, if you’re using the Service in connection with your part as a hand or contractor of a company or other legal reality, we may partake your particular information with a similar reality.
  • Professional counsels, similar to attorneys and accountants, where doing so is necessary to grease the services they render to us.
  • Business sale Donors, similar to counterparties and others aiding with a junction, accession, backing, reorganization, ruin, receivership, dissolution, asset trade, or analogous sale, and with successors or cells as part of or following that sale.
  • Government Authorities were needed to do so for the Compliance and Protection purposes described over.
  • Affiliates We may partake particular information with our current and unborn cells, meaning an reality that controls, is controlled by or is under common control with Jugg Transport. Our cells may use the particular information we partake in in a manner harmonious with this sequestration Policy.

When you apply for a job with Jugg Transport, we collect the particular information that you give in connection with your job operation. This includes name, contact information, professional credentials and chops, educational and work history, and other information that may be included in a capsule or handed during interviews( which may be recorded). This may also include demographic or diversity information that you freely give. We may also conduct background checks and admit affiliated information.

We use aspirants ’ information to grease our reclamation conditioning and process employment operations, including assessing campaigners and covering reclamation statistics. We use successful aspirants ’ information to administer the employment relationship. We may also use and expose aspirants ’ information( a) to ameliorate our website,( b) as else necessary to misbehave with applicable laws,( c) to respond to processes or clearances served on Jugg Transport, and( d) to cover and defend the rights or property of Jugg Transport or others.


Where handed for by law and subject to any applicable exceptions, New Jersey residers may have the following rights

  • Know. You can request to know the orders of the particular information that Jugg Transport has collected about you, the business purpose for collecting your particular information, the orders of sources from which the particular information was collected, and whether Jugg Transport have bared your particular information for business purposes, the orders of particular information so bare, and the orders of third parties to whom we’ve bared your particular information( we give this information in the Personal Information Collection, Use, and participating sections over);
  • Access. You can request access to the specific pieces of the particular information that Jugg Transport has collected about you;
  • cancel. You can request that we cancel the particular information we collected from you, and
  • conclude. You can instruct businesses that vend your particular information to stop doing so – Jugg Transport, still, doesn’t vend particular information.

Still, or want an indispensable form of this sequestration Policy, please communicate to us, If you would like to exercise any of these rights. After we admit your request, we may request fresh information from you to corroborate your identity. Your authorized agent may submit requests in the same manner, although we may bear the agent to present inked written authorization to act on your behalf, and you may also be needed to singly corroborate your identity with us and confirm that you authorized the agent to submit the request. We’ll not treat you else for exercising your rights.

still, please note that we act rigorously as a service provider concerning your particular information, If you’re a client of one of our trafficker customers. However, please communicate with the Jugg Transport client that you interact with directly If you have questions about the processing of your particular information or want to exercise one of your sequestration rights.

Third-Party Marketing, If you’re a New Jersey occupant and want to conclude out of participating your particular information with third parties for their direct marketing purposes, please mail us to Jugg Transport at support@Juggtransportinc.com and easily state your request, including your name, posting address, dispatch address, and phone number. Please see the “ Your Choices ” section of this sequestration Policy for fresh information.


Our Service isn’t directed to children who are under the age of 16. Jugg Transport doesn’t deliberately collect particular information from children under the age of 16. still, we will cancel that information, If we learn that we’ve collected particular information from a child under the age of 16 without the concurrence of the child’s parent or guardian as needed by law.


The Service may contain links to other websites not operated or controlled by Jugg Transport, including social media services( “ Third Party spots ”). The information that you partake with Third Party spots will be governed by the specific sequestration programs and terms of service of the Third Party spots and not by this sequestration Policy. By furnishing these links we don’t indicate that we plump or have reviewed these spots. Please communicate with the Third Party spots directly for information on their sequestration practices and programs.


Keeping your data secure is important. Jugg Transport follows current assiduity norms to cover your particular information while that data is in conveyance and at rest in our data storehouse. We take reasonable ways to cover the particular information handed to the Service from loss, abuse, unauthorized access, exposure, revision, or destruction. No network or dispatch transmission is completely secure or guaranteed to be error-free. In particular, dispatch transferred to or from the point or Service may not be secure. thus, you should take special care in deciding what information you shoot to us via dispatch. Please keep this in mind when telling particular information to Jugg Transport. However, please communicate us at support@Juggtransportinc.com.


Update, cancel or Correct particular Information You can communicate with us and request any updates, elisions or corrections demanded to keep your particular information accurate, current, and complete.

Please note, still, that you may continue to admit dispatches as described in the Communicating with You section after concluding out of marketing dispatches.


The Service and our business may change from time to time. As a result, we may change this sequestration Policy at any time. When we do we will post a streamlined interpretation on this runner unless another type of notice is needed by applicable law. By continuing to use our Service or furnishing us with particular information after we’ve posted a streamlined sequestration Policy, or notified you by other means if applicable, you assent to the revised sequestration Policy and the practices described in it.


Still, please feel free to communicate with us at our designated request info@juggtransportinc.com, If you have any questions about our sequestration Policy or information practices.